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Safety first for mobile money users.

Due to fraudsters, many mobile money users have lost large sums of money. The conmen can be very cunning to these innocent victims. Such unfortunate circumstances happen due the ignorance of the mobile money user. The mobile wallet can be used as either a temporary or permanent storage of wealth. But a leaking vessel cannot…

How essential are relationships with customers to a business.

The business brand is determined by the opinions of the customers about that business. Those with a higher reputation will then benefit more with higher sales while those of a poor name straggle to make any sales. A good name is indeed to be chosen than fine gold. A good reputation will ensure continued business…

How Financial institutions can support Small businesses

There are various ways the financial sector can support the small businesses. Since capital is essential to every business, the financial industry can provide ways businesses can rise it cheaply. Traditionally, Ugandan businesses get capital through loans from financial institutions but this has been proven very expensive. The loans interest range from 16% to 26%…

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